About Us

It is our effort to bring you an incredibly unique collection of traditional art and craft converted into a variety of attractive contemporary items, while maintaining a fair price for every single artisan whose creations have been featured on our marketplace.

The crafts of India are diverse, rich in history, culture and religion. The traditions of Indian arts and crafts are rooted deeply in the lap of history. Since Indus-valley civilization, several forms of arts and crafts have been originated and flourished. A significant development has taken place in the realms of textile, stone crafts, metal craft, painting, music, pottery craft, wood craft and many more. These art forms began as an expression of inner creativity but in later course, they evolved as full vocation. The artifacts were made for different purposes viz. for trade and commerce, royalty and common people. The journey of the development of arts and crafts has passed through several stages involving several beliefs and traditions.

We have built ecommerce platforms for over two decades globally. We want to provide our experience available to all.

VISION: To connect Artisans, Craftsmen, Story-tellers, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, NGOs and Consumers to provide a platform, a marketplace at your fingertips.

MISSION: To collate, collaborate and create simple yet innovative & sustainable products, reach every person and every household.

PASSION: To get all rural India to encourage & revive skills, educate digital ecommerce and provide livelihood for all budding artisans and innovators alike.

We invite every small, medium and enterprise business to collaborate with us. Get in Touch to learn more about how we can together empower Digital India and achieve Make In India a reality.