Bamboo Drinking Straw Travel Kit (3 Straws + 1 Cleaner + 1 Cora Pouch)

Country of Origin: India
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Price: ₹ 209.00
Our bamboo drinking straws are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be used for any beverage. Our travel kit is great for keeping in your backpack or purse - so that you will always have reusable straws with you when they are needed.
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Organic, Biodegradable, Renewable, Washable & Reusable.

Each of the Bamboo Straws are 10 inches in length with special tapering at the ends to facilitate sipping without harming the lips.

All of our straws are USDA Certified 100% Bio-based.

Our Agave Fiber Drinking Straw Cleaner is an alternative to conventional straw cleaning brushes that are made with plastic/nylon.

The beads on the drawstrings of the cotton bag/pouch are made of pure wood.

Product Care

To Wash: Same as reusable plastic/glass straws. Rinse with warm water and salt. Use the Straw Cleaner to scrub interior if neede. Dry Upright to drain moisture. Straws naturally vary in size. Wash before Using.

Package Contents

The hand-woven 100% cotton bag contains:

3 Organic Bamboo Drinking Straws

1 Non-Plastic Sisal Fiber Straw Cleaner

1 Travel Pouch made of Cotton


300 Grams


30 x 8 x 8 cms