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Baked Chips - Chickpea Chips with Paprika

The perfect snack to curb those hunger pangs when you're craving for something savory. The Baked chickpea crackers our filled with protein, spices & flavour.
₹ 150.00

Banana Chips 200 gm

Banana Chips are made from a variety of bananas called "Nendran" which is available only locally in Kerala and is the ideal variant of Bananas to make Chips. Nendran bananas are thinly sliced and fried in unadulterated freshest coconut oil. The banana chips are crispy and the coconut oil used to fry them gives them a characteristic taste. Fresh oil is used for each batch to retain the authentic flavor and aroma of the chips.
₹ 200.00 ₹ 250.00

Jackfruit Dried Slices - 200 gm

Raw Jack fruit pieces are cut into thin slices and dried in sun to prepare sundried jackfruit slices. These sun dried jackfruit slices can be used for the preparation of various jackfruit recipes like Chakka puzhukku, pickles, and jackfruit chips.
₹ 159.20 ₹ 350.00