Coconut Sugar 150gm

Country of Origin: India
Price: ₹ 295.00
Coconut sugar is organically farmed, unrefined, and sustainably sourced. Coconut sugar is suitable for children, adults, people aiming for a healthy lifestyle.
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Coconut sugar is lower in fructose than cane sugar, agave, and maple syrup. And with a low glycemic index, it's easier on blood sugar than most natural sweeteners. Coconut sugar contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that reduces sugar highs and keeps guts happy. It is perfect for hot or cold drinks, cooking and baking

Net Weight150gms
IngredientsCoconut Flower Blossom Nectar
Product CareStore in a airtight container after opening and use a dry spoon for use | Store in a cool and dry place
Package Contents150gms of Natural Coconut Sugar