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** Custom Made ** for Special Occasions

There comes a time when we want to gift someone the perfect gift. It could be an experience or something personal and thoughtful, to convey a simple thank you. Sometimes, words may not be enough to record appreciation for all the times when someone was there for you. When it comes to corporate or personal gifting, chocolates are really appreciated by all ages and never go out of style. We make thanking your team members, clients, vendors, or anyone who is a support to your business or personal world, easy to do.
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Acne Control Combo Kit

Acne Control Kit is ideal for Acne-prone skin. This Kit contains Acne Control Facewash, Neem Tulsi Toner, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Green Tea Lip Balm
₹ 1,264.00

Artisanal Bisks and Classic Truffles Glass Platter

Unique Glass Platter contains 9 Classic Truffles in flavor's like Heavenly Milk, Almond, Bittersweet Dark, Mandarin Surprise and 2 Artisanal Milk Chocolate Coated Biscuit and 2 Artisanal Dark Chocolate Coated Biscuit. Please Note: Glass Platter design may vary for each order
₹ 1,200.00

Artisanal Jaggery Chocolate Healthy Gift

This cute gift box is packed with nutrients. Two bars of our artisanal milk chocolate created with jaggery, two bars of our artisanal 60% dark chocolate bars created with jaggery and six almond rocks created from milk and dark jaggery chocolate. No sugar used in this thoughtful, healthy selection.
₹ 1,160.00

Artisanal Milk Chocolate Jaggery Truffles - Available in 5 Boxes

Healthy indulgences. This artisanal milk chocolate is created with organic jaggery as a sweetener. Rich in cocoa and antioxidants, enjoy these guilt-free truffles.
₹ 910.00

Assorted Combo - Pack of 12

Assorted Masala Mango Dried Fruits and Chocolates digestive combo. Seasoned with home-grounded spices & condiments. Healthy munching snacks. Made with real fruits.
₹ 879.00

Assorted Fruit Chocolates - Pack of 18

Chocolates are surprises wrapped under a veil. A mélange of spiced fruits so unimaginably new. Flavours so fresh and juicy. Experiences so undiscovered. Made with real fruit. 55% Dark.
₹ 560.00

Assorted Pralines Diwali Designer Silk Box of 36

Bring love and joy into your home with this lovely hand-made silk box of 36 assorted chocolate truffles from our Belgian, Luxury and Classic ranges, with our mouth watering soft centered assortments including including Dark Sinful Ganache, Fresh Truffle, Double the Nuts, Crunchy Original Almond, Orange Truffle, Fruit n Nut, Mandarin Surprise, and Marzipan Amande. Please note: The box could be any of the colours in the image.
₹ 3,000.00

Assortment of Belgian Pralines - Available in 5 Boxes

Our selection of Belgian Pralines for the discerning palate.
₹ 970.00

Assortment of Christmas Chocolate Lollipops - Available in 2 Boxe...

A festive gift box, filled with an assortment of seasonal smooth and rich milk chocolate lollipops: Merry Christmas, Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Rudolf and Snowflakes. Bring home a treat for everyone. This box contains 6 & 12 lollipops
₹ 690.00

Bamboo Laptop Stand

It is portable laptop stand. Easy to carry in bags, and can be used in home , offices. this is handmade product made by artisans.
₹ 1,650.00

Bamboo Serving Tray - Available in 3 Size

Bamboo serving tray, it is best for serving items. It comes in rectangle shape. This is ecofriendly handmade product made by artisans.
₹ 945.00