Curd Setter - 1 Ltr

Country of Origin: India
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Price: ₹ 600.00
The journey of 3000 years narrated by the textures of fine curd 1ltr Curd Setter with Lid
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Great curd is born in a great container: this curd setter is enriched with the passion and hard work of the potters, 100% nature-born, It’s just the perfect breeding ground for good bacteria to make curd. Handcrafted to blend into your modern lifestyle beautifully.


1 Ltr

Dimensions7.0 inches (L) x 7.0 inches (B) x 5.0 inches (H)
Weight800 grams
Maintenance & CareBefore you make its debut, soak Terracotta overnight so it’s good to go. Wash it with a mild detergent. It doesn’t like abrasives. Dry it off completely before storing or using.
Package Contents1 Terracotta Curd Setter with Lid

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