Tanjore Style Painting Kit

Country of Origin: India
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This kit is specially created for those who want to try and experience Tanjore Style painting. You can make 2 Tanjore style paintings using this kit. The cost of using traditional ingredients may not always be a viable option, but with the alternative modern-day ingredients that this kit provides, you can surely witness your imagination morph into a prized possession of creativity and thus appreciating the style and aesthetics of this priceless art form.
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About this kit: It still remains a dream for many to learn and try Tanjore style painting. Not only it's a costly affair, it's also a time consuming task to learn from a expert teacher. This kit has been developed to enable anyone produce the closest replica of the Tanjore art including the embossed and Gold Foil effect which is a unique feature of the art form. Colourful Kundhan stones can be stuck on the art to make it more rich and bright. The completed Tanjore style art could be framed and hung to decorate the walls of your home.

This Kit contains:

  • Two Tanjore painting templates
  • Two Canvas boards
  • 3 3D liner Gold
  • Kundhan Stones (green, red, gold)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Six shade Acrylic Colour paints
  • Acrylic sparkling pearl golden yellow
  • Pearl Orange
  • Pearl gold
  • Three carbon paper
  • Pencil
  • Instruction Manual How could you use this kit
Age10 & Above
Package Contents1 Unit of Tanjore Style Painting Kit

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