Dried Pineapple - Pack of 1

Country of Origin: India
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Besides being high in carotinoids , it serves as a major reserve for minerals like magnesium and potassium.
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Incredibly delicious and healthy, you can now relish our Pineapple Slices throughout the year. Directly brought to you from the Lohit district in Arunachal Pradesh, which produces these high-quality pineapples every monsoon, our Pineapple Slices are perfect for those who have busy lives yet value quality food. While converting these pineapples into such a lifestyle product, the natural flavors and essence remain untouched and undisturbed during the drying process, which enhances the nutritional value of the fruit. You can now add pineapples to your favourite smoothie, muesli or make your own granola at any time of the year!

Shelf Life12 months

100 grams

Package Contents1 Unit of Dried Pineapple - Pack of 1

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