Dried Tomatoes Slices - Pack of 4

Country of Origin: India
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Having a glycemic index of less than 15 for 140gms tomatoes make it non starchy and an excellent food for diebetics. Topping it up , vitamin k1 and folate makes tomatoes an excellent superfood.
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Our savory solar-dried tomatoes 🍅 are a delicious and tangy snack you can munch on, add to your pizza topping or use to complement your meal. We select only the juiciest tomatoes and dehydrate them carefully and hygienically in a solar dryer to preserve flavor, color, and nutrients. Ready-to-use for any dish, this is a must have addition in the kitchen for all foodies. Our tomatoes do not have any preservatives, oil or any other chemical additive – Just 100% Natural Goodness.

Shelf Life12 months

200 grams (50g each)

Package Contents1 Unit of Dried Tomatoes Slices - Pack of 4

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