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Blush Shine & Glow Cream

Blush - Shine & Glow Cream helps the skin to retain back the moisture and elasticity, thereby, conceals skin imperfections and adds natural freshness, moisture to the skin. The exotic aroma and smooth texture of this product will leave your skin feel delighted throughout the day!
₹ 1,495.00

Daily Night Nourishing Cream

Daily Nourishing Night Cream is A great skincare routine in the night assures best looking skin during the day. Newly fortified with Olive Oil, Olive Plant extracts and soybean; it revitalizes and moisturizes the skin all night long to wake you up to dewy soft skin. It’s certified and 100% natural extracts act as antioxidants to reduce skin damage caused by pollution and aids anti-ageing. Natural Moisturizing Factors ensure supple, soft and rejuvenated skin.
₹ 995.00

Desert Range – Toner

Moisturizing toner that instantly hydrates and tones dry and flaky skin. • The toner balances skin pH level, and provides long-lasting hydration and comfort. It tones dry skin with moisture for healthy, revitalized skin. The hydrating toner made from the bioactive complex of Australian desert fruits rich in antioxidants, fruit acids and essential minerals will nourish the skin, protect against the harmful effects of UV and pollution helps invigorates skin and improves its overall texture.
₹ 2,295.00

Essential Oil - Geranium

Geranium Essential Oils helps to prevent skin from sagging by tightening facial tissues. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps in delaying the premature ageing. Geranium Essential Oil helps to lighten marks on the skin. With its astringent properties, it helps to get an even skin tone which makes your skin look flawless and healthy.
₹ 600.00

Essential Oil - Neroli

Nerolii Essential Oil helps in promoting the formation of new cells. It helps in making the skin supple by increasing elasticity and controls the excess oil in skin whilst retaining natural moisture. A very strong, refreshing, spicy, floral aroma of Neroli, also known as ‘Orange blossom’, often used as perfume. Also leaves a powerful impact on human physiology and psychological health.
₹ 500.00

Fresh & Glow Skin Care Combo Kit

Fresh & Glow Kit is ideal for Normal to Dry Skin. This box contains Fresh & Glow Face Wash, Green Cucumber Toner, Blush Shine & Glow Cream & Rose Lip Butter
₹ 2,324.00

Grape Seed Base Oil

A slightly nutty and sweet aroma of this very light textured oil along with the ability to lock moisture makes your skin feeling smooth, without sticky feeling. In addition to easy absorption into the skin, grapeseed oil fights free radicals and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, which makes it great carrier oil. Treat your delicate facial skin with this powerful anti-oxidant for cleansing and purifying purposes.
₹ 495.00

Neem Rahasya Skin Care Combo Kit

Fights pimples, acne and other skin infections, Removes oil and minimises large, open pores, shields the skin from sun damage and keeps your skin nourished.
₹ 1,435.00