Ecomist 95% Water Saver (Standard Size Taps)

Country of Origin: India
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Ecomist water save maximum water from your existing tap. Reduces water consumption by 95% Return of investment within two months. Reduces your buildings carbon footprint. Comes with 2 year warranty. Easy to Install (DIY)
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Ecomist water saver converts normal flow to a gentle mist. It reduces the water output from 8-12 LPM (Liters per minute) to 0.4 LPM. It decreases the discharge by atomizing water and converting them to mist, Thus saving 95% water from your tap. Ecomist water saver can be attached to your existing faucet. Mist type water savers are perfect for commercial spaces and washing hands.

Direction to Install
  • Remove plastic aerator from tap
  • Replace it with Ecomist
  • Fix washer on top of EcoMist
  • Screw aerator cap with EcoMist on to the tap
Dimensions15 mm (H) x 22 mm (Dia)
Material Eco-brass (lead free)
Package Contents1 Unit of EcoMist nozzle Washer Filter & Instruction Booklet
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Extremely easy to install. Tested with regular jaguar taps and this and the Savings is incredibly huge. Practically not all taps can be fitter but I think this is ideal for Hand Wash Basins and Guest Bathrooms etc. Looking forward to try the other products on Saving Water as well.
From: Verified Customer | 10-02-2021 13:50
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