Fabric Box

Country of Origin: India
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The Fabric Box is a product designed to improve the tactile sense of your child. It has 8 different types of fabric swatches in pairs. Children have to touch and feel the fabric and then match them with eyes closed by feeling them with their fingers. They can also learn the names and recognise them just by touch with eyes closed. This activity helps children greatly improve their tactile sense and they become aware of the different types of texture. The fabrics used are - Velvet, Satin, Jute, Gauze, Silk, Linen, Cotton and Wool This product comes along with a pine wood box and an instruction booklet. This product is styled on Montessori Principles but is not an exact replica of standard Montessori Educational products.
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Sensorial educational aid to develop the child's tactile senses (sense of touch). Has 8 pairs of different types of fabric Comes along with a pine wood storage box and an instruction booklet. The fabrics used are - Velvet, Satin, Jute, Gauze, Silk, Linen, Cotton and Wool.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an exact replica of the Standard Montessori Educational aids.

Handicraft Product coloured with Natural Dyes.

Made by artisans from Channapatna in Karnataka using traditional lacware toy making techniques and is coloured with Natural dyes.

Toy Safety: Certified as per International Toy Safety Standards

Age2+ Years
Safety Certification
DimensionsPackaged Box Size: 185 x 185 x 40 (mm)
Package Contents1 Unit of Fabric Box