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Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

Biodegradable cellulose sheet. It’s like a “mini facial at home” - hygienic, convenient and less expensive than a spa. Astringent properties of Witch Hazel helps in tightening of skin pores and removing excess oil from skin
₹ 99.00

Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask

Biodegradable cellulose sheet. It’s like a “mini facial at home” - hygienic, convenient and less expensive than a spa. Made from grapes left to freeze naturally on the vine in Switzerland, the juice delivers astringent properties to the skin
₹ 99.00

Coffee and Spice Mix Face Mask

Gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin. Leaves the skin supple & radiant by removing the dead cells and improving blood circulation. Continuous usage of twice a week for 4-6 months can help improve the skin tone and make it even. A unique combination of coffee, brown sugar with kitchen star spices like clove, bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, ginger, black pepper, star anise, carom seeds, cardamom, fenugreek etc, sloughs away the dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. Gentle exfoliation deeply cleanses the skin, improves the skin tone and reveals softer and supplier skin.
₹ 710.00

Face Mask - Anti Tan

Organic Harvest Anti-Tan Mask increases skin elasticity and quickly restores skin hydration. The mask absorbs and removes toxins from the skin surface. Its mulberry extract provide whitening, brightening, and lightening by controlling melanin formation. Organic daisy flower provides even pigmentation, olive oil is an excellent moisturizer and vitamin C improves the appearance of sun damage on the skin.
₹ 545.00

Face Mask - Anti Wrinkle

Anti Wrinkle Mask Pamper your skin with highly concentrated active ingredients, addressing visible signs of aging caused by exposure to the sun and pollution. Made with highly elastic raw material known as food grade jelly, along with lemon grass, lemon and orange essential oil, this magical mask lifts the skin, increase the ability to absorb. Vitamin C ensures collagen production and blood flow, all of which are essential for anti-aging and allowing the formula to reach deeply into every pore of the skin.
₹ 545.00

Face Mask - Skin Lightening

Skin Lightening Mask is a turn-key treatment to address uneven skin tone and dark spots while improving skin quality for a brighter, more luminous complexion. With the wonders of clove oil, camphor & neroli essential oil, this premium skin lightening mask is perfect for a fresher, younger, firmer and brighter complexion.
₹ 545.00

Lavender and Blueberry De-tan Clay Mask

Cleanse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. Apply the mask all over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for 15 minutes or until semi-dry. Rinse well with cold water. Tone and moisturize as usual.
₹ 710.00

Rice and Floral Mix Face Mask

Leaves the skin supple. Works on blemishes to lighten them, reduces fine lines and wrinkles as also leaves the skin glowing and radiant. Use daily for 1-2 months to notice improvements
₹ 710.00

Shine & Glow Sheet Mask

Biodegradable cellulose sheet. It’s like a “mini facial at home” - hygienic, convenient and less expensive than a spa. Made with Figs and Gold Dust to give gold like shine on the face and antioxidants help nourish the skin
₹ 99.00

Skin Brightening Sheet Mask

Biodegradable cellulose sheet. It’s like a “mini facial at home” - hygienic, convenient and less expensive than a spa. Soothing with rose extract the mask is a blend of cleansing and repairing benefits for even the most delicate skin
₹ 99.00

Skin Purifying Sheet Mask - Jasmine

Detoxify your skin with the Skin Purifying Organic Serum Mask. The oatmeal extract helps absorb natural skin oils thus giving the skin a tightened effect . Aloe Vera is a great antioxidant and also acts as a gentle exfoliator thus helping to gently slough off the dead skin cells. In addition to this the exfoliating properties of yogurt it gives a glowing and youthful skin is all because of those healthy and wonderful nutrients that are present in yogurt , thus giving the skin a clean and purified texture. Aloe Vera contains powerful anti-oxidants which help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin. With its sweet fragrance, jasmine fragrance helps in mood-upliftment.
₹ 125.00

Skin Purifying Sheet Mask - Lavender

Condition and nourish the skin with the Skin Conditioner Organic Serum Mask with a calming lavender fragrance. The oatmeal extract is an organic mattifying agent that helps absorbs natural skin oils. Aloe vera extract helps in locking in the moisture and gives the skin a radiant glow. Yogurt has anti inflammatory benefits and helps to prevent dryness. Furthermore, it also helps to dissolve the dry and dead skin cells and smoothens the rough and dry skin. The pleasant lavender fragrance helps in promoting a sense of well being and calmness. So face the day flawlessly with the Skin Conditioner Organic Serum Mask.
₹ 125.00