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3-in-1 Face Wash (Available in 2 Sizes)

3-in-1 Face Wash is a Paraben free formula which cleanses, scrubs, and provides whitening to your skin. The active used in this face wash is pure Ribose, a natural pentose obtained by biotechnology from corn seed sugars. It restores energy to the skin. It has irregular shaped granules, soft enough to prevent the skin from scratches.
₹ 215.00

Acne Check Face Wash

Facial skin is our first point of interaction with the world. An acne-laden skin with enlarged pores and uneven tone can be quite a damper. Get rid of those oily and dirt clogged pores, and incessant acne breakouts with this clarifying face wash. Infused with organic ingredients Aloe Vera, Neem, and Lemon, it works on restoring the pH balance of the skin, while purifying and nourishing it deeply. The skin feels soft, clean, and healthy without any signs of over-drying, itchiness, and stretch that come complimentary with using an acne face wash.
₹ 250.00

Acne Control Face Wash (Available in 2 Size)

Organic Acne Control Face Wash for men and women with acne prone skin is ideal for all skin types. It is enriched with vitamin E which leaves the skin smooth. It can be used every day and it is powerful yet gentle on the skin. The tendency is to over-dry and strip skin of its natural oils, actually irritating your skin and increasing the likelihood of breakouts. Having just the right face wash formula can turn that problem skin into a clear complexion. Cleanses effectively without drying skin. Cleanse the skin every day with a specially designed face wash for acne.
₹ 90.00

Aloe Vera Face Wash - Pack of 3

Best for Acne-Prone Skin, Eliminates an Anti-Pimples Scars. Aloe Vera Face Wash that work on your pimples from the very first wash. Use twice daily for skin that's beautifully clean and clear. It deeply cleanses your skin, and gives it smooth, fresh glow. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Tea Tree Oil cools the skin, nourishes, hydrates refreshes and tightens skin pores, evens skin tone and enhances the natural glow of the facial skin leaving your face refreshed, soft, smooth, vibrant and glowing all day long.
₹ 210.00

Complexion Brightening Face Wash

Ward off those layers of dirt, impurities, and sebum that are making your skin lackluster and unappealing. A gentle facial wash that dwells on the goodness of nature with organic ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Licorice, and Mango Seed Butter. The emollient propensity of the product gently cleanses the skin, removing dead cells and debris off the surface layer, giving your skin a brightened, enhanced appearance. With consistent use, both the complexion and the texture of the skin are noticeably boosted, giving it an altogether new life!
₹ 250.00

Face Wash - 6 in 1 (Sulphate Free)

Organic Face Wash 6 in 1 has come to your rescue. A face wash that solves multiple problems like Oil control, Cleansing, Lightening & Brightening, Rejuvenating, Nourishment and Prevents moisture loss. The face wash provides a long lasting oil controlling effect and reduces acne. It maintains the youthful glow of skin. This versatile face wash removes impurities, makes skin lighter and brighter. It is free from Parabens, Mineral oil, Sulphate, Paba and animal ingredients. It is ideal for all skin types. Just a gentle drop of this face wash will feel you the taste of heaven into your skin.
₹ 225.00

Fresh & Glow Face Wash

Organic Fresh & Glow Face Wash lightens tanned skin and dark spots while effectively cleansing your skin. The product instantly brightens your complexion. Maintaining a clear complexion, on the other hand, does up your beauty quotient. It moisturizes your skin without making it greasy and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It instantly brightens your skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and promotes fairness.
₹ 185.00

Hydrating Face Gel & Brightening Face Wash Powder Combo

Deeply Cleanses , while nourishing and replenishing the skin moisture levels every day. Deeply hydrate the skin. Plumping effect on the appearance of skin. Helps fight Blemishes, Pollution (Environmental & Stress ) damage. Easily Absorbed into skin.
₹ 1,119.00 ₹ 1,224.00

Neem Face Wash (Available in 2 Size)

Neem - a tree for solving global problems, acts as an Antifungal, Antimicrobial and Antibacterial. Organic Harvest's Facewash with neem as the magic ingredient is specially formulated to give you a clean and problem-free skin. Obtained from a non-animal source, the BSE free facewash cleanses your skin, removes extra oil and impurities.
₹ 165.00

Neem Face Wash 100 ml - Pack of 3

Gives you Oil-free and open pores free look This anti-acne face pack for men and women, unclogs the open pores and pulls out the dirt and excess Oil from the pores, as a results, the size of the pores appears reduced and you get bright and even skin tone. Further it protects against inflammation without over-drying the skin, This face pack can be effective in treating it. Refreshes skin, unclogs pores, slays acne causing microbes, fades blemishes and scars, soothes redness and itching.
₹ 210.00

Nourishing Face & Body Crème & Brightening Face Wash Powder Comb...

Deeply Cleanses, while nourishing and replenishing the skin moisture levels every day, No Artificial Fragrance, This Indulgent Face & Body Crème Gives the skin a satin-smooth texture. Intensely hydrating body cream which softens and scents the skin. It deeply nourishes and repairs the skin to boost its natural elasticity.
₹ 1,999.00 ₹ 2,024.00

Nyra Face Wash Powder

Deeply Cleanses , while nourishing and replenishing the skin moisture levels every day.
₹ 625.00