Neem Soap - Pack of 4

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Enriched with Neem and Coconut Oil | Tones and nourishes the skin | Effective in pimples, itching and dryness | Antibacterial properties | Long lasting refreshing fragrance. Regular use on face and body, as a bath soap. Anti-bacterial properties that cleanses the skin pores and keeps skin free of infections. Neem tones skin complexion to make it look radiant and beautiful. Jaitoon is a good antioxidant and moisturizing ingredient and can protect against UV damage. Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal neem flushes toxins, lightens scars and pigmentation
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ItemNeem is mainly known for its healing and antibacterial properties. Although the benefits of the need for our skin are innumerable. Our Neem soap is an amazing cleanser that helps replenish the nutrients and moisture of the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, this soap soothes dry and dull skin. It helps you get rid of dryness without making your skin too oily. This pure neem soap clears your skin and gives it radiance and glow. It also helps to remove any pigmentation on the skin as well. This is suitable for all skin types. Use our neem bathing bar soap to refresh your body. Give your skin the refreshment of Neem with the best neem soap in India. The moisturizing agents in this soap are deeply nourishing and therefore keep your skin fresh all day long. Add this amazing neem soap to your bathing collection and give your skin the best with this ayurvedic product.
Shelf Life

12 months, as we do not add any preservatives in our products, we recommend its early usage.

Weight125 Gram each
Package Contents1 Unit of Neem Soap  - Pack of 4

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