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** Custom Made ** for Diwali

There comes a time when we want to gift someone the perfect gift. It could be an experience or something personal and thoughtful, to convey a simple thank you. Sometimes, words may not be enough to record appreciation for all the times when someone was there for you. When it comes to corporate or personal gifting, chocolates are really appreciated by all ages and never go out of style. We make thanking your team members, clients, vendors, or anyone who is a support to your business or personal world, easy to do.
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Artisanal Bisks and Classic Truffles Glass Platter

Unique Glass Platter contains 9 Classic Truffles in flavor's like Heavenly Milk, Almond, Bittersweet Dark, Mandarin Surprise and 2 Artisanal Milk Chocolate Coated Biscuit and 2 Artisanal Dark Chocolate Coated Biscuit. Please Note: Glass Platter design may vary for each order
₹ 1,200.00

Artisanal Jaggery Chocolate Healthy Gift

This cute gift box is packed with nutrients. Two bars of our artisanal milk chocolate created with jaggery, two bars of our artisanal 60% dark chocolate bars created with jaggery and six almond rocks created from milk and dark jaggery chocolate. No sugar used in this thoughtful, healthy selection.
₹ 1,160.00

Assorted Pralines Diwali Designer Silk Box of 36

Bring love and joy into your home with this lovely hand-made silk box of 36 assorted chocolate truffles from our Belgian, Luxury and Classic ranges, with our mouth watering soft centered assortments including including Dark Sinful Ganache, Fresh Truffle, Double the Nuts, Crunchy Original Almond, Orange Truffle, Fruit n Nut, Mandarin Surprise, and Marzipan Amande. Please note: The box could be any of the colours in the image.
₹ 3,000.00

Belgian Pralines Diwali Chocolate Cheer

This warm and inviting Belgian Chocolate Truffle Collection with a Happy Diwali bar, makes your gifting so beautiful. A box would contain an assortment of the following flavours: Jamaican Rhapsody, Rocher Noir, Cappuccino Ganache, Marzipan Pistache, Dark Sinful Ganache, and Fresh Truffle.
₹ 1,720.00

Bonanza Dryfruit and Chocolate Hamper

This hamper offers you our finest selection of drool worthy chocolates truffles, almond rocks, dry fruits and chocolate coated almonds and our chocolate coated biscuits. Comes loaded with a box of 16 of our melt in the mouth truffles from our Classic, Luxury and Belgian Range, flavours include Jamaican Rhapsody, Fresh Truffle, Original Almond, Fruit n Nut, Heavenly Milk, Orange Duet, Double the Nuts, Cappucino Ganache and Rocher Noir. With high quality dry fruits ,100 gm salted pista and 120 gm whole salted cashew, and ten crisp milk and dark chocolate coated biscuits. Savour our almond rocks ( 400 gm) made from milk and dark chocolate sweetened with jaggery only and four of our milk and dark Belgian Chocolate Bars . We have also added our whole roasted almonds coated with milk chocolate ( 100 gm) with a hint of sea salt and chilli and our roasted almonds coated with 60% dark chocolate sweetened with jaggery (100 gm).
₹ 7,500.00

Celebration Diwali Chocolate Platter

Gift this elegantly designed glass platter filled with 9 Classic Truffles, our favorite assortment of Almond, Fruit n nut, Heavenly Milk, Bittersweet Dark, Orange Duet with two Diya's to your loved ones.
₹ 1,120.00

Chocolate Delights for all Diwali Hamper

This rich and loaded with delicious chocolate hamper is sure to comfort you during this festive season. Packed with a Happy Diwali chocolate bar, A pack of Belgian Milk Chocolate Callets, 4 assorted milk chocolate bars, a box of 12 Classic Chocolate truffles, (an assortment of our favorite almond, fruit and nut, heavenly milk, Orange duet and Strawberry melody flavours) and 600 gm high quality dry fruits (pistas, almonds, cashews and raisins), 4 Artisanal Milk Chocolate Logs, 2 healthy Zeal nut and seed bars. net wt of chocolate : 540 gm net wt of dry fruits: 600 gm net wt of Zeal bars: 200 gm 2 Diyas
₹ 6,200.00

Chocolate Goodies Diwali Hamper

This delightful hamper is filled with goodness. Contains a gift box of 12 Belgian Chocolate truffles (an assortment of mouth watering centre filled truffles), 1 Jar of milk chocolate spread (great to spread over lavash or pancakes), 1 pack of Belgian milk chocolate callets, 2 belgian chocolate 40gm bars, 2 milk chok' hot and 2 60% dark chok' hot (Our ready to stir hot chocolate stick).
₹ 3,540.00

Classic Chocolate Truffles Diwali Designer Box of 24

A festive wooden designer gift box with 24 delightful Chocolate Truffles from our Classic range, including Almond, Strawberry Melody, Orange Duet, Fruit n Nut, Heavenly Milk, and Bittersweet Dark. This elegant wooden box can be used as a Jewellery box. Please note: The box could be any of the colours in the image.
₹ 1,530.00

Classic Chocolate Truffles in a Dream Box of 12

This pretty, thoughtful gift with 12 chocolates from our Classic range (an assortment of Butterscotch, Almond, Nougat, Fruit n Nut, Heavenly Milk, and Bittersweet Dark) is packed in an elegant, hand-made paper box. Please note: The box could be any of the colours in the image (White/Maroon)
₹ 640.00

Classic Chocolate Truffles Joy Box of 12

This lovely hand-made paper box contains 12 of our joyous assorted Classic Chocolate truffles, in an assortment including Almond, Fruit n Nut, Orange Duet, Strawberry Melody, and Heavenly Milk.
₹ 670.00

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