Guava, Green Peas Trail Mix

Country of Origin: India
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Nurtured by a team of mothers, Natural processing caressed with the warmth of the sun for sufficient time. Home grinding the ingredients and the spices
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This is what you get when masala guava goes on a date with a masala date and roasted peas spice up the mood. To add to the ambience, sunflower seeds and almonds step in for some background score. A perfect date, we say! 115 GMS Masala Guava Masala Dates Roasted Peas Sunflower Seeds Almonds


115 grams

Shelf Life6 months
IngredientsMasala Guava, Masala Dates, Roasted Peas, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds
Package Contents1 Unit of Guava, Green Peas Snack Mix

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