Hand Woven Jute Oval Shape Indoor Floor Mat

Country of Origin: India
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Price: ₹ 899.00
We believe to provide the good quality products to our customer so that customer will get satisfaction as they want. Our first priority is to provide the maximum satisfaction to our customers. its made with good quality raw material to fulfill customer needs. This Product is made to wipe dirt off the shoes and feet before the person enters the room or home.
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  • Made from finest material this door mat can be used for offices, bathrooms and room entrances. Be the envy of your neighborhood with these natural, eco-friendly and chic doormats. Slight variations in size, color and texture are normal and create special character for individual mat.
  • It effectively defends dirt, debris, grit, snow, mud or grass from entering your home.
  • It also helps your floor from getting damaged
MaterialNatural Jute with Cotton
Dimensions2.0 feet (H) x 3.0 feet (W)
Product CareClean it regularly. Remove the dust with vacuum cleaner
Package Contents1 Unit of Hand Woven Jute Oval Shape Indoor Floor Mat

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