Herbal Lizard Repellent (Available in 2 Sizes)

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Country of Origin: India
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Unique blend of aromatic oils and plant extracts, 100% herbal, nontoxic and biodegradable never tested on animals kind to waterways and marine life safe for kids and cause zero side effects.
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  • 100ml
  • 500ml [+₹ 725.00]
    500ml [+₹ 725.00]
    500ml [+₹ 725.00]
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  • Unique blend of aromatic oils and plant extracts,
  • 100% herbal, no chemical, non toxic, eco-friendly & safe.
IngredientsCymbopogon Citratus, * Bhutika.Oil 6 % Cedrus Deodara,*Devadaru,Oil 6 %Azardirachta Indica,*Nimba,Oil 15 %Excipients Qs*Api

Do not spray on the body,floor, wall or clothes. Keep away from children and direct flame. Avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Store in a cool place/ avoid exposure to direct sunlight. For external use only.

Direction For Use

Particularly spray the lizard repellent on the surfaces where lizards roam. Spray continuously for 5 days. Lizards will be repelled and will not visit the area for a few weeks. Spray once more within the same space if you spot lizards. This may then repel them utterly and will not stain the walls.


Available in 2 Sizes

  • 100ml
  • 500ml
Shelf Life 3 Years
Package Contents1 Unit of Herbal Lizard Repellent (Select your Size)

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