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Herbal Dog Spray (Available in 2 Size)

This natural anti tick spray for dogs is made of plant extracts and aromatic oils that keep your beloved pets healthy, clean and fresh. It also nourishes their fur and keeps bad odors away. In order to remove the pests effectively, this tick spray needs to be used thrice a week for 8 weeks.
₹ 385.00

Herbal Kennel Spray 100ml

Kannel spray will make your dog’s kennel absolutely odor free and will prevent ticks and lice too. If you have been wondering which product to choose that will not harm your favorite pet, then this kannel spray is the right one to pick. Made of herbal ingredients, the product is perfectly animal-friendly and is eco-friendly too. The plant extracts and aromatic oils used in its composition create freshness and boost your pets’ mood. Now, your dog will enjoy staying in the kennel and you will not have to cover your nose before cleaning it.
₹ 630.00