Jamun Wild Honey 250gms

Country of Origin: India
Price: ₹ 350.00
This bottle of Jamun Honey has a variety of colors that range from a lightness that is almost clear, to amber, and even dark that is completely opaque. The color itself is not indicative of the quality of honey, it is merely an effect of what nectar was gathered from what flowering plants.
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DescriptionSustainably Harvested - Methods used in the harvesting of this bottle of honey are sustainable, ensuring the bees return to the hives after the honey is collected. Eco Friendly Packing - This bottle comes in a complete eco-friendly packing - corrugated boxes tailor made for the bottle, ensuring zero breakage and contributing to rid the planet of harmful packaging!
Ingredients100% natural raw dosata honey
Weight250 grams
Package Contents1 Unit of Jamun Wild Honey 250gms