Kids Trail Mix

Country of Origin: India
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Crunchy Nuts along with tasty Cranberry and Juicy Raisins mingled with colorful Oat & Fruit Loops, here comes Mindful Snacking by EAT Anytime. These Kids special trail mixes are ideal snacks for everyone, not just the kids. However, of course, since kids are pickier than adults, they are the ones who should be encouraged to try these healthy trail mixes for healthy snacking.
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  • It tastes great; you will not be able to stop once you open it!
  • Convenient to bring to school or to eat even late at night.
  • These trail mix is full of protein and vitamins and full of calories
  • 100% natural ingredients : No Preservatives
  • Wholesome nuts and dry fruits loaded with proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins
IngredientsAlmonds, Cashews, Cranberry, Raisins, Papaya, Oat rings, Fruit loops, Chocos star & moon, Himalayan pink salt
Shelf Life9 months from the date of manufacturing
Weight250 Grams
SpecialityOats, No Added Sugar, Suitable for Vegetarians
Age Group Above 3yrs
Package Contents1 Unit of Kids Trail Mix

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