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Lamps & Lightings

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Bottle Lamp Handcrafted Fruit Seller

Hand crafted on glass bottle lamp. "Fruit Seller" is an adaptation of the African folk art style. The model shows a lady with a basket full of fruits on her heading walking through a rural setting. All elements are hand painted as is the background thread wrapping.
₹ 1,500.00

Couple of Birds Table Lamp

'Couple of Birds' is a nature based composition, which is simple yet attractive.
₹ 1,650.00

Floral Incense Stick Holder - Set of 1 (Available in 5 Designs)

Beautifully design by our artisans, handcrafted Blue Pottery Incense Holder is beautiful and unique. It will enhance the beauty of your house. Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur.
₹ 350.00

Handmade Hanging Lamp - Set of 1 (Available in 3 Designs)

Blue pottery handmade hanging lamp perfect for your house decor. Unique & elegant made by our skilled artisans from Jaipur.
₹ 1,050.00 ₹ 1,250.00

Lady At Window Table Lamp

Lady at Window' captures the typical charm associated with North Kolkata. The body of the lamp consists of three windows, one in front and two on either side. Behind the window in front stands a lady catching a glimpse of the outside world.
₹ 1,700.00

Lady Lamp

'Lady' is a hand painted on glass wall lamp fixture. The composition depicts a lady carrying a basket on her head, done in Madhubani style.
₹ 2,100.00

Lantern- Double Baked

Forged straight out of the 18th century, feel a new ecstasy with this hand-made double baked Lantern with fitting for bulb.
₹ 1,450.00

Ship Floor Lamp

Ship' standee is a floor standing lamp, handpainted on cloth.
₹ 2,900.00

Sohoj Path Table Lamp

"Sohoj Path" is designed using pictures from Sohoj Path, a book by Rabindranath Tagore. The book is taught in schools across Bengal as elementary guide to learning the alphabets and words.
₹ 1,900.00

Table Lamp Ektara

This table lamp is handmade from coconut shell and bamboo. Ektara is an instrument popular among bauls and fakirs of Bengal. This single stringed instrument is made from coconut shell, with two vertical bamboo strips on the sides.
₹ 1,500.00

Terracotta Lantern

Forged straight out of the 18th century, feel a new ecstasy with this hand-made Lantern with fitting for bulb.
₹ 1,400.00

Textured Ceiling Lamp

'Textured' is a ceiling hanging piece which combines wood and glass. The wooden base is hand painted from which three textured glass shades are hung. When lit, a textured effect fills the space around this lamp.
₹ 3,400.00

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