Macrame work on glass jar

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Macrame work on glass jar
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Looks good in a room when 2-3 placed together with candles lit in them.

Ideal for home decor.

Materialsglass, tissue napkins, gesso (plaster of paris), decoupage glue, water based varnish
Weight1.8 Kgs
Dimensions17.5 cms (L) x 17.5 cms (W) x 26 cms (H)
Package Contents1 Unit of Macrame work on glass jar

Decoupage - In french, it means the art of decorating objects with paper cut outs. Objects can be of glass or wood. Glass vases, bottles, plates, wooden cupboards, tables, chairs and drawers. It simply enhances the look of the object and its surrounding by making it livelier. I started this as an experiment on request of a friend about a year ago... It has stuck on to me like the decoupage glue since then. Love doing every piece of it.. With support and encouragement of all you, now beginning this as business.

Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques. The primary knots of macrame are the square (or reef knot) and forms of "hitching": various combinations of half hitches.