Mucuna Pruriens

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Mucuna pruriens is a natural herbal supplement used in Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient practice from India, that lowers stress, reduces anxiety, improves focus, boosts the libido, and elevates mood. More commonly, Mucuna pruriens is used to promote muscle growth, increase strength and has been proven to raise levels of testosterone.
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  • It enhances libido & sexual performance, Herbal Energy Booster, Helps to reduce stress & strengthen the nervous system, Improves vigor & vitality.
  • It has been shown that its seeds are potentially of substantial medicinal importance.
  • The herb is also helpful in normalizing nerve cell function. Pure and natural mucuna pruriens powder, contains no synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colors or flavors.
  • Supports a healthy central & peripheral nervous system, supports the body’s ability to handle stress, is a natural source of levodopa (L-dopa), supports physical balance & posture, promotes healthy motor skills & coordination.
  • Improves energy & endurance, Supports the intellect, bolsters libido, revitalizes both the male & female reproductive system
Weight50 grams per packet
Package Contents2 Units of Mucuna Pruriens 50grams