Neem Face Wash 100 ml - Pack of 3

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Gives you Oil-free and open pores free look This anti-acne face pack for men and women, unclogs the open pores and pulls out the dirt and excess Oil from the pores, as a results, the size of the pores appears reduced and you get bright and even skin tone. Further it protects against inflammation without over-drying the skin, This face pack can be effective in treating it. Refreshes skin, unclogs pores, slays acne causing microbes, fades blemishes and scars, soothes redness and itching.
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The ayurvedic formula of our neem face wash helps your face to fight against all the skin problems. This face wash with antibacterial properties helps you to get rid of pimples and acne. Its herbal properties make it suitable for all skin types and should be used regularly to get the most effective results. OUR NEEM FACE WASH ERADICATES A LOT OF SKIN PROBLEMS AND ALSO BENEFITS YOUR SKIN IN A NUMBER OF WAYS: Helps to get rid of acne and pimples Keeps in check sebum of the face Cleans out the clogged pores that result in acne Provides deep nourishment and hydration to the face Helps attain clear and glowing skin. This neem face wash helps you to restore the health and glow of your facial skin. The deep cleansing formula of this wash removes all the dirt and pollution from the skin making it clean and healthy as well. Soothe your skin daily with the goodness of neem and stay fresh all day. Our face requires daily cleansing and regular exfoliation in order to remain clean and clear. Therefore cleanse your face daily with Ozone Aloe Vera face wash and get rid of all the skin impurities. Instil your skin with the benefits of the natural ingredients like aloe vera; turmeric extract and tea tree oil infused in this wonderful cleanser

Usage: Apply to moist face & neck. Massage and rinse off properly. Use me every morning & night, moisturise & Use sun protection for best results. Light and Gentle for Everyday use. This Light-weight acne control face pack contains powerful Neem Oil, which is rich in anti-oxidants that helps in clearing the pimples & restores the natural moisture of the skin. in order to prevent dryness, the face pack also contains Aloe vera and basil leaf extracts. It’s a powerful combination of herbs which not only clears the acne but also reduces the excess Oil on the skin, reduces breakouts to give you clear, brighter look.                                                                                      The face wash is Gentle and perfect for Everyday Use for everyone. Use it with confidence to get rid of acne and its scars. Being formulated from herbs and premium oils and extracts, This face wash does not have any side effects.

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