Himalayan Pink Salt

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Himalayan Pink Salt, also known as Rock Salt, is usually mined in the Punjab and Himalayan region. It is believed that the pink Himalayan salt was made around 200 million years ago. The pinkish tint of this salt is due to the presence of mineral impurities. This pink Himalayan salt is used as table salt for cooking, preserving, and also in spa treatments for rejuvenating the skin. It is chemically similar to the regular salt, but this Himalayan Pink salt contains 98% sodium chloride and less iodine. However, its richness in minerals make this Himalayan pink salt prevent allergies and also aids in strengthening the immune system.
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The Himalayan Pink Salt Online from Vanalaya enhances the flavour of the food and is a good substitute for regular salt. The flavour enhancement properties of Himalayan Pink salt online are contributed by the rocks from where it has been extracted.


  • Rich flavour
  • More sodium content
  • Perfect for culinary purpose
  • Rich eye-appeal
  • Increases body hydration
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Creates an electrolyte balance in the body
  • Reduces acid flux

Features of Himalayan Pink Salt Online

  • 100% pure pink salt
  • No Artificial Fillers
  • Doesn’t contain any preservatives
  • Intense salty flavour
  • Balances the pH of the stomach
  • Regulates blood sugar


Here are some of the benefits of Himalayan pink salt online, which makes it better than the regular table salt. It is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and almost 84 trace minerals. Although they are present in small quantities, they do contribute to the daily intake of minerals.

  1. Detoxifies the body: To flush out the toxins from the body, use a glass full of water and saturate it with Himalayan salt. Add enough amount of salt to the water so that there is some amount of salt left inside the glass after absorption. Keep this water overnight. On an empty stomach, the next morning, mix one spoon of this water with a glass of fresh water. It will flush out toxins and keeps your body dehydrated too
  2. Activates digestive system: The digestion of food starts from the tongue, and this Himalayan Pink Salt can activate the salivary glands to release amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that is released to digest carbs. The rock salt also helps in stimulating hydrochloric acid and enzyme in the stomach to breakdown food and digest proteins
  3. Regulates glucose levels in the body: A daily dose of Himalayan pink salt online maintains the hormonal balance and maintains a proper flow of fluid in the body. It improves insulin sensitivity and prevents the sudden rise of sugar
  4. Cures respiratory disorders: Himalayan salt uses include to fight against bacterial and viral infections in the respiratory tract. It can clear all the germs when you inhale air that is rich in salt as it antibacterial and antiviral. Through such inhalation, you can also treat sinuses, allergies, and chest congestion. All the contaminants are also eliminated when you pass warm water through the nasal cavity via a neti pot.
  5. Sooths cramped muscles: Soaking your cramped muscles in warm water enriched with Himalayan Pink Salt can soothe not only the muscle but also the tissue. It will make you refreshed, energized and even calm

Uses of Himalayan Pink Salt

We have learned how this pink Himalayan salt can enhance the flavour of the food.

Apart from flavour enhancement, there are some unknown uses and benefits offered by Himalayan Pink Salt such as:

The Sleep Remedy: This two-ingredient tonic is a great way to boost your daily sleep. It will promote relaxation in the body and induce sleep. All you have to do is mix one teaspoon of Himalayan Pink salt with five teaspoons of organic honey from Vanalaya Organics. Before sleeping, put a drop or two of this mixture on your tongue and go to bed. It will dissolve itself. You can prepare this mixture in a glass jar and store it.

Home Spa: You can use this product to give yourself a sound bath at home without mixing anything else. This pure and no artificial filler containing Himalayan pink salt can enrich your skin with smoothness and glow. Try it once every fortnight for best results.

IngredientsNatural Himalayan Pink Salt
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