Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Country of Origin: India
Price: ₹ 300.00
Organic pumpkin seeds provide just the right amount of crunchy goodness to satisfy your snack cravings. Each serving is a rich source of magnesium, zinc and protein for nutritious nibbling. This bag contains organic pumpkin seeds with no added fillers. They are raw and unsalted. Large raw pepitas deliver a hearty, low carb snack chock full of healthy Vitamins, Protein, Magnesium, Iron & other daily nutrition. The name ‘Pepitas’ may sound exotic. However, you won’t want to underestimate the value of these shelled pumpkin seeds. Pepitas’ pleasant, delicate flavor and crispy, satisfying crunch make pepitas a favorite traditional snack and recipe enhancer. Pepitas are a wonderful nut with which to better become acquainted.
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  • HEALTHY SNACKING EVERYWHERE: Trying to balance your diet? Looking for yummy yet low-calorie snacks? If so, then our pumpkin seeds bag is the way to go. Mix and match these delicious pepitas with other nuts or food and stay energized all day long!
  • RAW, UNSALTED, NO SHELL – Use for Baking, Cooking or Out-of-the-Bag Snacking at Work or Home; Eat Dry Roasted, Make Mole or Serve Seasoned w/ Spicy Chili
  • CRUNCHY YET SOFT PEPITAS: Forget all about same old snacks and salted nuts and try these tasty pumpkin seeds today! Being raw and with no shells, allows you to enjoy a healthy snack on the go. They are crunchy yet soft, having a sweet and chewy texture.
  • PACKED WITH MINERALS, NUTRIENTS & VITAMINS: Did you know that pumpkin seeds are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids? If not, then you should keep on reading. Boost your metabolism and guard your immune system while enjoying our pepitas
  • EASY TO COOK WITH – Many of our customers love to just eat our lightly salted sunflower seeds right out of the bag. But tons of others love to add them to recipes or use them to cook. They make a simple and effortless addition to salads and soups if you want to add a rich crunch while boosting the plant-based protein content of the dish.
WeightComes in 2 sizes: 250 grams & 500 grams
Package Contents1 Unit of Organic Pumpkin Seed