Organic Wheat Dalia 500g

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is also known as cracked wheat, samba rava, godhuma rava, fada & broken wheat. Since it is made of Whole wheat grain, daliya is considered to be a good choice for those trying to reduce refined grains. In Indian cuisine it is used to make khichdi, puloa, upma, pongal and porridge. The high fiber content in it gives you a feeling of fullness.
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Good for your muscles:Yes, thisproduct is loaded with essential vitamins. Eat a bowl of dalia and increase your protein intake.
Aids in weight loss:Dalia conatins high fibre content. It gives you a feeling of fullness and you do not indulge in over-eating. Include a bowl of dalia as your morning meal. It will provide you essential nutrients and you will feel energetic throughout the day.
For diabetic patients:For diabetics, dalia acts as a great healer. It contains low glycemic index and complex carbohydrates.
Increases metabolism:This wholesome food is good for improving metabolism.
Provides essential nutrients:By providing essential nutrition to our body, this food is a great source of magnesium.
A good source of energy:It is a good source of energy. Eat it after an intense workout session and you will replenish your lost energy.


  • Chemical free
  • Good for environment & planet
  • No artificial colors / preservatives
  • Guaranteed purity & naturalness
  • Original natural aroma & taste
    Foods adhering to global standards
Shelf Life12 months

500 grams

Package Contents1 Unit of Organic Wheat Dalia

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