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This Diwali gift your loved ones something special that will keep growing and strengthening your bond. Gift them a gift of light and prosperity with a specially hand crafted Tealight holder, handmade soy wax tea lights infused with whole spices and flowers and A Grow It Yourself Kit to grow your own Marigold flowers. Even the tealight holder is made from eco-friendly materials. You can place them as a center piece or use them to create a unique ecofriendly rangoli
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1 Handmade Tealight Holder; 2 Vegan Soy Wax Tealights infused with whole spices and real flowers; 4 Grow coins of Marigold Flower Kit:

Each tealight holder is specially handcrafted using ecofriendly materials like Cane, real dried flowers and jute strings. Vegan soy wax Tealights: All our tealights are made with the best quality natural ingredients. We also influse them with natural coffee beans, dried flowers and whole spices to create a calming and relaxing environment. Grow Your Own Marigold Kit: This kit contains 4 Growing media coins to germinate your Marigold seeds in. Once your plant is about 6-8 inches long you can put them into a pot of your choice and watch your flowers bloom. Just make sure you give them plenty of love along with regular watering.


Place the coin with the open end facing up in a tray/ plate -Pour little water in the center, wait for it to get absorbed. Keep adding water gradually till the coin expands into a grow bag. Poke a little hole in the center, place 1-3 seeds and cover the hole. -Write the date and name on labelling sticks. Pierce it into the bag or place it next to it. Place the tray in a sunny place and water everyday. After the true leaves appear place the grow bag in pot with soil. Keep away from pigeons and squirrels.

Package Contents1 Combo of Handmade Candle Holder 1; Vegan Soy Wax Tealights infused with whole spices and real flowers 2; Marigold Flower Kit 1

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