Quamist Dual Mode Water Saving Nozzle

Country of Origin: India
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Price: ₹ 899.00
Quamist is a dual mode water saver that saves upto 85% water , Just twist the cap tap to change modes
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Quamist is a dual-mode water-saving attachment for taps/faucets. Quamist water saver can be attached to your existing tap within a minute. The water saver reduces the water output by 95% by converting the normal flow to fine mist. You can change from mist mode (0.5 LPM) to shower mode (2.5-3 LPM) by twisting the cap. Shower mode saves more than 85% water from your faucet.

Direction to use 

Remove plastic aerator from tapHold 360 adapter and screw to right position onto the tapUse additional adapter if your tap has inner thread

Dimension(H) 25 mm x (Dia) 22 mm
Material Eco-brass (lead free)
Package Contents1 Unit of QuaMist nozzle Washer Flow restrictor, Filter Instruction booklet