Restorative Face Oil & Brightening Face Wash Powder Combo

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Reduce early signs of aging, Eliminate fine lines. Deeply Cleanses , while nourishing and replenishing the skin moisture levels every day. Restores Firmness. No Artificial Fragrance, No Harmful Surfactants & Cleansers
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  • Face Cleanser Powder: Nyra is an innovative face cleanser powder with powerful cleansing and exfoliating properties inspired by the Korean and Japanese Beauty Wisdom. It has been formulated using our Own Indian Herbs to make it into 3in1 Formula It’s a beautiful rice starch powder blended with gorgeous plant extracts without stripping the face of its natural oils. Each wash will leave your skin bright, refreshed and soothed. It is suitable for all skin types, ages and genders and specially for people with very sensitive skin and are looking for a daily cleanser & gentle exfoliator

How to use : Take a small amount of this deep cleansing face wash powder and massage onto moist skin. Rinse well

  • Face Oil : A unique Aroma + Clean plant oil based serum contains Antioxidants Rich Cranberry Rosehip Pomegranate Apple Oil This amazing Cocktail of fruit oils helps improve skin texture . 1 .Reduce early signs of aging 2. Eliminate fine lines . 3. Increase collagen production 4.Restores Firmness 5.Reduces signs of of pigmentation

How to use: Take one fourth of a spoon (¼) (depending on the area of skin to be covered) onto your palm ●Put a 2-2.5 drops of water on it and rub between your palms to make a paste ●Now apply it on your face & move in an upward circular motion ●Let it stay for 5-10 seconds ●Remove with Luke Warm Water ●Pat to Dry ●Apply 1-1.5 drops of Mridyati Face Oil & apply in an upward circular motion – let it absorb into your skin.

Skin TypeRecommended for all skin types

Serum: 30 ml

Powder:25 grams

Package Contents1 Unit of Restorative Face Oil & Brightening Face Wash Powder Combo

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