Rose Petals Powder

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The Rose petals powder (Rosa Centifolia) is a wonderful ingredient for masks, scrubs, daily cleansers, milk baths, body talcs and soaps due to its soothing fragrance. Natural rose petals, dried and grounded. 100% Natural (No pesticides or chemicals used).
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Natural Skin Cleanser. Natural cooling agent, Promote glowing skin. Promote glowing skin.

They have a special aroma that provides wonderful aroma therapy effects for the heart and the soul. It is produced from the petals of pink roses and is used as an anti depressant, antiseptic and for antiviral benefits

Ingredientsnatural rose petals, dried and grounded
FragranceNo Added Fragrance. 100% Pure Rose Petals
Age Group18+ years
Skin TypeRecommended for all skin types
Weight50 grams
Shelf Life24 months
Package Contents1 Unit of 50 gms Rose Petals Powder