Shikakai Powder

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Shikakai powder contains saponin which generates lather with water. Shikakai has been used in India from ages as a natural hair wash and conditioner. Shikakai imparts shine and body to hair and has a balancing effect on irritated scalp and dandruff.
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Adds shine and softness :The natural ingredients of shikakai make your hair softer and add a beautiful shine to it.

Fights dandruff :The anti-fungal properties of shikakai nourish your scalp and prevent itching and dryness

It helps nourish hair and keep it healthy, Shikakai possesses antiseptic properties that help to soothe scalp

It fights against dandruff and hair damage, Shikakai is a great source of essential vitamins

How to UseWet your hair and scalp, Make a paste of the Shikakai Powder and apply this on to your hair and scalp, Gently massage it on your head, Leave it on your hair for a few minutes, Rinse off all the powder thoroughly.
IngredientsShikakai Powder
Age Group18+ years
Hair TypeRecommended for all hair types
Weight100 grams
Shelf Life12 months
Package Contents2 Units of 100 gms Shikakai Powder