Skin Care

Skin Care

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Akshika Under Eye Serum

An eye treatment serum with Arnica, Chia seed reduces the appearance of tired & puffy bags, fine lines & under eye dark circles.
₹ 499.00

Almond Moisturizing Lotion

Almond moisturizing lotion with shea butter Vitamin E and coconut oil, Paraben Free, Sulphate free, Mineral oil free for Face and Body.
₹ 449.00

Aloevera Moisturizing Lotion with Shea butter

Aloevera moisturizing lotion with Shea butter Vitamin E and Coconut oil for Face and Body
₹ 449.00

Amrita - Night Cream

A nourishing natural anti-aging night crème which hydrates skin, reduces fine lines.
₹ 899.00

Avocado and Maracuja Body Butter

Therapeutic for dry skin, Avocado & Maracuja body butter provides fast & long-lasting relief from dryness. The creamy consistency matched with the warm scent of cocoa soothes, hydrates and shields your skin against moisture loss. Use it daily for glowy & moisturized skin.
₹ 765.00

Baby Soft Bathing Soap

Kokum butter, Coconut milk, almond milk, oats milk, & cashew nut milk, based natural bathing soap
₹ 200.00

Ban The Tan - Sunscreen 50 SPF

Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with Amayra Naturals 'Ban The Tan Sunscreen'.
₹ 699.00

Baobab and Kalahari Melon Body Butter

Give an extra soothing dose of nourishment to your sensitive skin! Baobab & Kalahari body butter, enriched with the goodness of castor & neem oil, hydrates and calms down any irritation and keeps your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. Use it daily for happy skin.
₹ 765.00

Berrylicious Body Wash

Retains moisture, nourishes and protects skin with long lasting hydration, leaving skin soft and smooth due to its intense emollient property. NO SLS/SLES, No Parabens, No Silicons, Enriched with Green tea & Chamomile Oil & Blueberry
₹ 425.00

Blood Orange and Rosehip Body Butter

A magic potion for pigmented skin, Blood Orange & Rosehip Body Butter seeps into the deeper layers of the skin, helping it heal & renew itself. Packed with a combination of moisturizing oils, the body butter melts on the skin, evens out the skin tone and reduces the dark spots.
₹ 765.00

Body Wash with 3pc Bar Soap - Available in 4 Scents

This product consists of a 120ml Body Wash with 3 pieces of 50gm Soaps in beautiful wrapper.
₹ 420.00

Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion

Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E and coconut oil for Face and Body.
₹ 499.00

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