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Blush - Shine & Glow Serum

Blush - Shine & Glow Serum helps the skin to retain back the moisture and elasticity, thereby, conceals skin imperfections and adds natural freshness, moisture to the skin. The exotic aroma and smooth texture of this product will leave your skin feel delighted throughout the day! It helps to rejuvenate your skin cell membranes and let you shine bright with healthier skin. Being derived from pure plant extracts, it can assure you of its uality, make the skin younger and more nourished, supple and glowing.
₹ 1,395.00

Complexion Brightening Hydrant

Hydration is to the skin, what water is to the body. Enriched with the antimicrobial, lightening, and antioxidant goodness of organic ingredients like Licorice, Lemon extract, and Aloe Vera; this treatment hydrant works on brightening the natural complexion. Licorice is miraculous in treating hyper-pigmentation and dark spots by inhibiting the excess production of melanin, while the lemon extracts diminish the appearance of scars and spots. Aloe Vera, with its moisturizing and replenishing effects, permeates deep hydration into the skin layers.
₹ 350.00

Desert Range – Serum

Get a hydrated and plum skin with the use of serum that contains bioactive complex of Australian Desert fruits that are nutritious with high content of proteins and unsaturated fats. • The complex helps break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress that may lead to premature aging.
₹ 2,595.00

Embellish Skin Lightening Serum

Embellish - Skin Lightening Serum is enriched with ingredient like Marshmallow root which extract with a natural skin lightening property, brings beauty to your doorstep.
₹ 1,795.00

Juvenescence Anti Ageing Serum

With Juvenescence - Anti Ageing Serum you can experience an age-reversal miracle by smothering yourself in this enchanting potion! The opulent blend of of Bifilar ferment lysate and Whey protein, with a trace of Honeysuckle extract, regenerates the mature skin by strengthening the dermis thereby improving the elasticity of the skin. The smooth and firm skin will surely grab attention of the masses.
₹ 1,395.00

Luminosity Anti Pigmentation Serum

Luminosity - Anti Pigmentation Serum promotes skin leveling and brightening by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity of melanin as well as reducing the degree of skin tanning upon UV exposure. Feel rejoiced upon experiencing a gleaming looking skin. An excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C, adds to the compelling anti-pigmentation results. Experience an even and radiant skin like never before!
₹ 1,995.00

Radiance Face Elixir Serum

A light weight organic beauty fluid for face brightening and anti ageing. It is a special formulation of organic ingredients that help the skin retain its youthful appearance. The beauty serum is a unique blend of oils and organic ingredients formulated to help skin look young and healthy . Aimed to give a glowing skin and to provide deep nourishment, relieve dark circles and repairs pigmentation specially formulated to help fight the signs of skin ageing.
₹ 1,995.00

Rain Forest – Serum

This super-concentrated serum helps calm, restore and defend sensitized skin. This serum helps interrupt inflammatory triggers and helps calm and soothe the skin. The serum also aids in giving the skin an even tone.
₹ 2,595.00