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Classic Cucumber Toner

Those open, enlarged pores have never made for a pleasant sight. The Classic cucumber toner works on extracting the cooling, and soothing properties from this active botanical extract and permeating into the skin layers. The result is a firmer texture with tightened pores and an overall energized, refreshed look. With consistent use post- cleansing, twice in a day, the skin reflects a more youthful, supple, and bouncy appearance.
₹ 175.00

Classic Rose Toner

Re-energize and awaken your tired, dull, lackluster skin with the refreshing vigor of fresh rose petals. The water-light toner is effective in wiping off dirt, tightening pores, and restoring the youthful glow. The skin that bears the brunt of our stressful, taxing lives gets a recharging shot of freshness with a quick dab of our Classic Rose Toner. The outcome is a younger, brightened skin, beaming with the sensual whiff of fresh rose petals.
₹ 175.00

Desert Range – Toner

Moisturizing toner that instantly hydrates and tones dry and flaky skin. • The toner balances skin pH level, and provides long-lasting hydration and comfort. It tones dry skin with moisture for healthy, revitalized skin. The hydrating toner made from the bioactive complex of Australian desert fruits rich in antioxidants, fruit acids and essential minerals will nourish the skin, protect against the harmful effects of UV and pollution helps invigorates skin and improves its overall texture.
₹ 2,295.00

Gauri - Turmeric Haldi Water (Face Toner)

Gauri - Himalayan haldi + witch hazel a gentle balancing and yet effective toner it helps fight the dirt, grime , makeup and the effect of urban pollution it helps balance the ph level of the skin it helps preparing the ground for better absorption of the serums. Organic face spritzer benefits of our organic pahadi haldi boosts skin health the second step to radiant skin works as a cleanser, toner and natural astringent highly recommended for acne prone skin
₹ 399.00

Green Cucumber Toner

Green Cucumber Toner helps to hydrate and soothe your skin, it minimizes appearance of pores, revitalize the skin by effective moisturization of cucumber. You will end up feeling refreshed all day long by adding this invigorating toner to your daily regime. Its alcohol free formula will give your skin a burst of refreshment.
₹ 445.00

Mountain Range Toner

The toner quickly feed the skin antioxidants and soothing agents, thus recondition the skin. It helps rebalance the skin's natural PH and replenish moisture levels, among other benefits.
₹ 2,295.00

Neem Tulsi Toner

Neem Tulsi Toner helps to solve remedies for oily skin its unique Oil-free and Alcohol-free formulation will give your skin a natural healthy glow. Refreshes the Face. Minimizes the pores.
₹ 445.00

Perfect Skin Tone Hydrant

Bid your final adieus to a dull, pigmented, patchy skin tone. This super gentle, almost benign hydrant, made of Aloe Vera and Amla works targeted at treating the pigmented and discolored patches on the skin. With regular use, twice a day, on clear, cleansed skin, the miracle hydrant gives you radiant, flawless skin that shines from within. The skin tone is evened and brightened, and those dark patches, scars, and blemishes that marred your shine would soon be a thing of the past.
₹ 350.00

Ziya Vitamin C Serum

"ZIYA - 15% Vitamin C in Turmeric Hydrosol - Water Based Serum. A glow-boosting daily serum that brightens and tones sun damaged and dull skin with dark spots. Made with stabilized Vitamin C derivative ""Ethyl Ascorbic Acid"" that has 86% pure Vitamin C content. That is much higher than 40-50% content present in other Vitamin C derivatives.
₹ 1,449.00