Spice Box Pack of 4

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Eastern Himalayas brings you a range of premium spices from Northeast India. Our spices are procured directly from the farmers and dried in our top of the range, scientific and advanced solar dryers. This process keeps intact 100% of the spices' natural flavours to give you the most aromatic experience. The taste remains completely unadulterated as we do not use smoke to dry out our spices as is traditionally practiced.
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Keeping in mind the well being of the farmers, we ensure that a major margin of the sale price of the product is received by the farmer. All our spices are procured from farmers practising natural farming techniques, making our products more sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly.


Pack of 4

  • Turmeric powder  - 50g
  • Purple Cardamom - 25g
  • Cinnamon Powder - 50g
  • Black Pepper - 25g
Shelf Life

12 months


150 grams

Package Contents1 Unit of Spice Box Pack of 4

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