Turmeric Powder - Pack of 2

Country of Origin: India
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Curcu-min has numerous health benifits such as bosting immunity, anti-inflamatory properties high in antioxidant content, prevents symptoms of brain diseases , most effective incase of Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer. It is even proven benificial for decreasing symptoms of depression and arthritis . Curcu-min decreases blood sugar levels and helps in preventing diabetes. Besides , curcu-min helps alter liver enzymes and CKD(chronic kidney dysfunction) can be treated with it .
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Our Turmeric Powder is the 'golden spice' that your spice rack needs to be perfect! Sourced from the district of Lohit in Arunachal Pradesh, we give you one of the highest concentration of curcu-min in turmeric that you will ever get.

Shelf Life12 months

100 grams (50g each)

Package Contents1 Unit of Turmeric Powder - Pack of 2

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