Wild Turmeric Powder(Kasturi)

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Country of Origin: India
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Wild turmeric is an important ingredient in any Ayurvedic skin care product. It has anti-oxidants anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. The yellow pigment in the turmeric makes the skin brighter. It also helps in removing facial hair and pimple marks, when used for a longer time. Ladies used to apply turmeric paste on their body before taking bath ages before, to give a glow to their skin. Improves skin tone and the overall complexion. Gives a blemish-free, naturally glowing skin. Reduces acne and its scars effectively.
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Gives a natural glow to skin, Reduces pigmentation and removes scars,

Free from pesticides and other chemical impurity, Makes skin soft, supple and smooth.

Pure & Natural, Soft, supple and smooth skin. Applied For Anti-marks & Spots Removal, Skin Lightening, Blackhead Removal, Tan Removal.

Ingredients100% Natural Wild Turmeric Powder
Age Group18+ years
Skin TypeRecommended for all skin types
Weight50 grams
Shelf Life12 months
Package Contents2 Units of 50 gms Wild Turmeric Powder