Ashwagandha Infused Desi Cow Ghee

Country of Origin: India
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Ghee is pure, natural and farm fresh cow ghee, Made from desi cow’s A2 milk by traditional Bilona method. We are passionate about Vedic culture we maintain our desi cows and our farm with values and methods described in our Vedas.
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  • PREMIUM QUALITY ASHWGANDHA GHEE: Ashwagandha ghee is made from ghee infused with Ashwagandha content of 30% in it.
  • ASHWAGANDHA PREPARATION: This unique ghee is prepared by mixing and boiling Ashwagandha powder with ghee. This ghee is bitter in taste and is excellent source of vitamins and energy. Good for calming vata and can be considered tridoshic in moderation
  • HAND CHURNED FROM CURD: The premium A2 milk from the Desi cows is first turned into curd by Vedic method. We then hand-churn the curd for hours to separate the butter before boiling it to turn it into ghee.
  • BILONA TRADITIONAL METHOD: We prepare our ghee by traditional method. This Vedic method is the best process to prepare Ghee.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES AND CHMICALS: Free from Pesticide and Gluten-free, sugar-free, homemade, natural, no preservative
PackagingGlass Bottle
Shelf Life12 months
Weight500 ml
Package Contents1 Unit of Ashwagandha Infused Desi Cow Ghee