Complexion Fortyfing Pack

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Skin texture appears visibly softer and supple. Spots, patches and wrinkles fade away with consistent use. Collagen production is enhanced which smoothens out the skin texture and restores its elasticity. With regular use, a younger-looking, flawless skin is achieved with brightened complexion
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ItemFor all the homecare solutions conditioned on the lightening properties of cucumber, we have an advanced formula stocked up on our skincare menu. This miraculous facial pack is known to deliver jaw-dropping results with just one use. Cucumber, active Lemon Extracts, and Aloe Vera join forces to unveil your long-hidden bright complexion. The pores are tightened, impurities removed, and the skin is blessed with an overall refreshed, flawless, moisturized complexion that feels soft to the touch
Shelf Life

12 months, as we do not add any preservatives in our products, we recommend its early usage.

Weight100 gram
Package Contents1 Unit of Complexion Fortyfing Pack

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