Carnival Pack of 16 Fruits

Country of Origin: India
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Nurtured by a team of mothers, homemade and these celebrations pack can be used for any festival purpose.
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Contains 16 varieties of Masala Fruits:

Masala Kiwi 60 grm

Masala Plums 60 grm

Masala Apple 60 grm

Masala Cranberry 60 grm

Masala Orange 60 grm

Masala Mango 60 grm

Masala Black Currant 60 grm

Masala Pineapple 60 grm

Masala Amla 60 grm

Masala Black Grapes 60 grm

Masala Guava 60 grm

Masala Ginger 60 grm

Masala Pomelo 60 grm

Masala Cherry 60 grm

Masala Prunes 60 grm

Masala Apricot 60 grm

Shelf Life6 months
Net Weight 960 grams
IngredientsMasala fruits
Package Contents1 Unit of Carnival Pack of 16 Fruits

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