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Jewellery Making Kit

Be your own kind of beautiful! Traditional painting jewellery kit, you can create a jewellery of your liking in no time. Embracing various Indian traditional Indian art forms like Madhubani, Warli, Mural art you could choose from a variety of designs that will make you look elegant, expressive and simply yourselves. Let your jewellery not just attract but also reflect your personality, so be unique. With this product in hand there's absolutely no doubt that you are creative, self-reliant, mindful of resources and above all economical.
₹ 1,350.00

Meenakari Style Painting Kit

Meenakari is one of the finest forms of art that has stood the test of times. To produce the real Meenakari craft you need a designer, Goldsmith, engraver, enamelist, engraver and polisher! To do it the traditional way is simply impossible unless you have all the resources. By selecting Meenakari Style painting kit, you have already found the easiest and affordable way to try your hand at this amazing art form which leaves us spellbound every time!
₹ 1,230.00

Rock Art Kit

The use of natural pebbles for decorative purposes originates in ancient human civilizations. Besides a great fun, they stir the creativity in all age groups. Arranging natural pebbles in decorative or pictorial patterns improves the cognitive ability of children, or any person for that matter. Nature endows pebbles with beautiful patterns and shapes. Simply add human imagination, and the results are breathtaking. Never to forget that pebbles are reusable: you can continue to create new art pieces with the same pebbles. Even when a pebble breaks, it gives birth to new, gorgeous possibilities.
₹ 420.00

Sand Art Madhubhani Kit

This kit is specially created for Kids as an activity pack. Art has no boundaries and so does the creativity. Take your kids artistic skills to a new level with Jollykraft's Sand art kit. Your child can give life to the aesthetically drawn Madhubani sketches using coloured sand and mesmerize everyone. There's no doubt that they will feel astonished seeing the artist in them. The finished sand art pictures will remind them of how creative they could be in using what nature has given to for good - stone or sand!
₹ 270.00

Tanjore Style Painting Kit

This kit is specially created for those who want to try and experience Tanjore Style painting. You can make 2 Tanjore style paintings using this kit. The cost of using traditional ingredients may not always be a viable option, but with the alternative modern-day ingredients that this kit provides, you can surely witness your imagination morph into a prized possession of creativity and thus appreciating the style and aesthetics of this priceless art form.
₹ 1,150.00

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